Sunday, October 12, 2014

moroccan, 20, and british, 69, arrested together in morocco...

jamal jam wald nass, 20, and ray cole, 69, were arrested at a bus stop in marrakesh last month. the two had met on the internet, prior to cole's visit to morocco, and spent 2 weeks together. they took sexually explicit photos, which were discovered by the moroccan police, and both of them were arrested. cole spent 20 days in jail, and nass was freed a few days later.

morocco is well known for gay tourism, especially from european countries like united kingdom, france, and germany-- all of which have gay websites, gay guides, gay tours, and even gay riads set up for older european men and younger moroccan men being introduced.

however, in morocco, homosexual relationships are illegal. article 489 of the penal code makes it illegal, and carrying a 6-month to 3-year sentences and fines.

that said, morocco has not harrassed gay men of the same age for a long while. the country does not focus on gay relationships, rather gay exploitation or cases where such situations may seem likely (like the age gap between the british and moroccan men in this case).