Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Year, New Tasks, New Resolutions

Another new year... another year gave passed and things have changed. The four seasons have come and gone. Everyone has enjoyed another prosperous year of love and compassion from family and friends. Think back of what you did this past year. How was your birthday? Did you remember your friend's big day? Who did you come out to? Who did you pay a compliment? How did your friends and family treat you this year?

Making New Year Resolutions? Well I am taking a different approach this year. Instead of making New Year Resolutions for the year, I am going to suggest something that I would be able to do throughout the year and continue to do in my life.

Here are a few tips for my lifetime and I hope the same for you….

Cherish the moments you have and live your life everyday. Nobody knows when a golf ball is going to hit your head ending your life or slipping on the stairs or falling down the hill. But life goes on, that is a hard reality that cannot be ignored. And since people are not born with an expiration date, it could last for 6 days, 6 months, 6 years or 60 years, We don’t know. So embrace what you have today. Thank Allah for the life you have and live each day as happy as you can.

Invest in happiness. Choose to be happy. Choose to be joyous. Choose to be a friend. Who knows how long you have, the clock is ticking. So why not spend the time with happy people and make their life happy. Why create a hurdle and break people’s hearts when it does not give you any pleasures. Make their day and they will make yours. Treat people how you would want to be treated by the people. Make friends. Create relationships at any level. Every one of them will teach you something in the long run. Give away. Share your wealth with others.

Fight for the right cause, not what you think is right. Those at times could be two different things. We are here as a society, and being in minority does not help. So come together as one and fight for the cause and make time to invest into something that would prove beneficial to all, including you. Accept responsibility just as quickly as you would take credit. Give back to the society. Volunteer for a cause or a child’s development.

Build your personality. No matter how old one is, different practices on a daily basis can make you a different person altogether. Take advantage of the opportunities you get. Improve your skills. Add to your knowledge. Share information with others. Make motions to add to your career and your life-term goals. Take care of yourself, physically and mentally. Make objectives. Be wise in decisions. Be young at heart and enjoy what you can while you can wherever you can. Control your emotions in times of distress. Be the better person over the others. Respond with kindness and you will feel better in the end. Practice integrity. Be honest to others. Learn to be patient. People succeed that are high in patience. Most of all, be positive. Think positive. Practice positive thinking. People with a positive attitude succeed at a higher rate then ones that give up too easy.

Even though 2013 has past, it has left its impression and a lot of experiences that one can learn from. Look at what you did last year and how it could have been better. With the above goals, how can you make a difference in someone’s life? Sometimes it is with a few words of kindness-- that is all it would have taken.

Let us practice all of the above, and let us welcome this new year with a new sentiment and hope for a better world. Start practicing and spread the word. Welcome to your better self. Introduce the world to the new you. Make this world a beautiful place to live and cherish. Remember you are an entity and one of it's kind. You make a difference. So make this world a beautiful place to live, for me, others and most importantly, you.