Monday, December 30, 2013

Ma as-salama 2013 - marhaba 2014

2013 is coming to an end - just one more day, wa ma as-salama - and bye bye - and then marahaba - welcome 2014! I'm wishing everyone a de-light-ful, happy, healthy, successful, and above joyful new year, may your dreams come true and may we all be blessed with love, light and baraka! According to Chinese astrology 2014 is the year of the wood horse (and to be precise it starts January 31, 2014 and ends February 18, 2015).

Are you excited about the new year? Do you have any new year's resolutions up your sleeve? I am.
And my new year's resolution goes like this: My intention is to be always true to my inner being, refine my patience, come from a space of love, joy and understanding, and try to be a positive impact regardless where I happen to be! Ya Rabb, increase me knowledge-wise, increase me baraka-wise, increase me loving-wise, and increase me creativity-wise. I also ask for protection from all negativity, harm and wasting time in futile endeavors. In short, it is my aim to turn into a successful maximizer while still having fun and joy and pleasure, lol!

We've all heard the Prophet's advise: "Search for knowledge, even if it is in China!" This line has a literal meaning and of course an esoteric one which stands also for searching for knowledge through meditation, reflection and kashf, unveiling - as well as intuition (provided the latter has been refined and cultivated).

Today I read a sad and concerning news item on Aljazeera, stating that "...Saudi 'mutawa' warn against New Year revelry - religious police in country following Muslim lunar calendar warn residents against celebrating the turn of the year..." What happened to the Qur'anic line: "...let there be no compulsion in religion..." - why can't we all celebrate New Year's Eve and wish people all the best for the New Year? Of course in next-door Dubai in the UAE they are planning a mega-event for all! And why not?

I love to do well-wishing whenever someone celebrates something - considering well wishing and joyfulness good adab, good manners. Naturally I wished people merry Christmas, a blessed Hanukka, 'aid mubarak, a wonderful divani or happy Chinese New Year or whatever it may be.

What's your take on this? Are you with me on the joyful front or a party pooper?  The saying goes that those who dislike music, song and dance, laughter and a good joke are prime candidates for the unhealthy fanatic lot! Isn't it?

When letting 2013 pass once more before our inner eye it was quite an intense year with unexpected turns of events or non-events. Especially the tragic retrograde developments for LGBT human rights in certain African countries, Russia, the Islamic world, and not to forget the set back in India. My heart goes out to all those not living in freedom, with their lives in danger, being criminalized. It is really time to show solidarity and not allow for things to deteriorate - au contraire, we ought to shift gears on the urgent evolution front for planet earth as a blessed diversity location. On the other hand some truly good news can be seen on the horizon, giving us hope. Let's focus on that light!

Ishq bashad, saludos!