Wednesday, December 25, 2013

imam daayiee has gone viral :)

the world is changing, for sure. 

this past weekend “al jazeera” published a story (article and videos) on imam daayiee abdullah. the story introduced him as the first openly gay imam in the united states, and it went viral. since its publishing, hundreds of thousands of people have read it, shared it, and discussed it all over the world. 

some publications around the world even published their own stories.  for example, in the united states, magazines like “out,” which is the largest lbgt magazine in the u.s, and “taqwa,” which is a muslim magazine, covered him. he was also covered in many blogs and other news sites.

in europe, the british newspaper “the voice,” which is top news source for blacks in the u.k. and in europe, did a story on the imam. in german, french, and spanish were also discussions about the article.

in africa,  daayiee was discussed or covered in nigeria and uganda-- both countries known for their intense homophobia. the “osun defender,” one of the most popular papers in africa in general and nigeria specifically, covered him. other popular websites in nigeria that covered daayiee this week include the,,,, and

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