Wednesday, November 27, 2013

muslims in republican states might be facing job discrimination...

are you muslim? are you looking for a job? do you live in a 'republican' state? then chances are you might be discriminated against in your pursuit for a job.

researchers at one university did a study in which four fictitious men had applied for thousands of jobs across the nation.  they were all white or caucasian, they all had the same photo, and their resumes were exactly the same. their differences? their religion and sexuality:

In both Republican and Democratic states, there was no difference between the call backs received by the gay candidate as compared with the straight candidate. But in the Republican states, the Christian candidate received more interview calls than the Muslim candidate. In the 10 states with the highest proportion of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney voters in the 2012 election, 17% of Christian applicants received interview calls, compared with 2% of the Muslim job candidates. There were no differences in call backs received by the Christian and Muslim candidates in the 10 states with the lowest proportion of Romney voters.

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