Monday, November 25, 2013

anal sex and muslim women

recently, two vidoes have come to my attention:

1) a huffington post video talking about arab (muslim) women and anal sex. the video, which is an interview with author shereen el feki, discusses how arab culture (in effort to preserve vaginal virginity) forces women to seek sexual activities (for pleasure or business) through the backdoor. here is that video:

2) a somali documentary on channel 4, where a somali activist discusses somali women coming to a clinic with a majority of them having used anal sex as a way to get around the fgm (female genital mutilation) issue. here is that video:

i realize that the issue is complicated, and the media is using the seemingly taboo subject, but how does this fit with the overall situation of women, anal sex, islam, and health?

"islam online," one of the most popular muslim websites, had a fatwa in 2001, officially ruling out anal sex for muslim women. what they didn't discuss, of course, is the tricky cultural situations of different muslim communities in which muslim women find themselves in this issue. here's a link to that fatwa:

islam online is a conservative website, just for your information.

but what about anal sex and health? according to dr. debby herbenick, who’s with the center for sexual health promotion at indiana university, anal sex is considered a high risk sexual behavior for passing sexually transmitted diseases. however, if practiced properly it can be without long term health issues. here’s the link to dr. herbenick’s article:

now you have a balanced view on the situation.