Monday, October 31, 2011

Fake Glorias and random reflections in Rio de Janeiro - by Rahal Eks

Fake Glorias & random reflection in Rio de Janeiro - by Rahal EksToday it is a rainy day and I'm hiding indoors in a shopping mall with a free wifi connection to write this rap because the internet in the hotel is down again. "Maalesh / never mind," one would say in Egypt and here too a laid back approach seems most appropriate.

The first few days the weather has been as expected: sunshine and heat! Wonderful light is the norm, so are very relaxed and mostly beautiful people, lovely food. The language too sounds very sensual and pleasant and if you happen to speak Spanish it is feasible to catch the drift "mas o menos / more or less" - and certainly being understood by the Brazilians.

On day one Afdhere, who joined me here and I went for a stroll in Copacabana...very lovely in many ways. But soon we spotted numerous fake Glorias parading along the beach. I'm not talking of drag queens, I mean those guys who had plastic surgery to get fake biceps, fake asses and fake everything. You can read them like a open book because when these types walk the silicone moves in a certain way and gives it away: the 10.000 or 100.000 $ body. Don't poke it too much, the pads might slight off to a wrong position, LOL.

Needless to say you also see tons of ladies with fake asses, fake breasts and fake everything. This is plastic surgery city number 1! When we sat down on a bench watching the people pass a hooker with a lip job positioned herself under the palm tree to our left. Meanwhile more and more fake Glorias came waltzing by who had never seen a gym from the inside, but who looked overly defined - the muscle-queen-syndrome par excellence. Long live plastic and everything fake - Illusion-Land. Sad and funny at the same time and so far removed from reality - as if this were a suburb or LA. I wonder who dreamed up these doubtful beauty ideals? Meanwhile more and more fake Glorias, both male and female came passing by...there was no end in sight.

Shake it baby, but don't break it, otherwise your silicone might explode in one huge fake orgasm of liquid plastic dripping forever. Sticky, like stretched bumble gum - so slick and smooth. Yuk!

Checking Grindr we were in for the next shock: gay globalism had reached Rio in full blast. Where are the yellow-pagers who do all the numbers in the book without filling out a pre-order form?

All these cats are plagued by the globalized gay beauty ideals. The clothes these people wear, the music they listen to and what they aspire to is exactly the same as in any other western metropolis - as if a global bug has infected the entire planet with these same ideas on the plastic front of unreality, a heaven for fake sisters and their preconditioned and exactly normed fantasies, as if they were putting in an order at the pizza delivery for extra cheese and no onions please!

Thanks mate, it ain't my cup of tea - I can well live without Grindr and Planetromero and I'm proud to be different and remain a misfit. I have no desire at all to fit into these so-called modern and contemporary gay world ideals and norms. I am not interested to dominate or be dominated by a whip-swinging master or some weirdo tarted up in uniform. If that is supposed to be sexy and sensual I'd rather not have it.

What saddens me most is that this gay globalization is spreading across the planet to even the most remote areas and to places that once had their own identities. A trend like this is a clear "adios" to diversity and that is the main tragedy. Thank Allah there will always remain some rebellious misfits who won't surrender to the fake Gloria syndrome and who stay real. Viva la diversidad! Long live diversity!

Apart from "globalized gay life" and the need for extreme security measures the city is rather pleasant...

Ishq bashad, saludos Rahal