Thursday, March 17, 2011

Late Thursday night thoughts by Rahal Eks

It is Thursday night, the night of Mushkil Gusha, the Problem-Dissolver (as he is called in the Sufi Tradition). And when looking at the world these days, there are indeed tons of urgent problems to be solved. The sooner the better - because we are running out of time it seems! My prayers and dhikr are projected to various hot spots: Ya Shifa Ya Salam to Japan. Ya Fattah Ya Qawi to the rebels in Libya, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and all other Arab countries, as well as to Iran and anywhere on this planet where urgent change from out-dated power systems is required and a different way of thinking and action.

If I were in Egypt and could vote I would vote "NO" - if - there are so many "if's" and I'm trying to resist the negative feeling of being overwhelmed. No matter where we turn by now it should be clear that there is One World, totally interconnected. What happens in the desert and/or in a small Japanese town have global implications - one world, one humanity - and what is happening effects us all regardless of ethnic background, religious beliefs or the lack of it, and where we happen to be on this planet whirling through the universe.

If I also had a say on nuclear energy I would vote like in Egypt: la, la, wa la! Three times "no!" Because by now we know it ain't clean energy. But we should have known a long time ago and acted accordingly with a focus on alternative means of power. Sometimes it seems humanity can't learn unless it is via the rough ride route. Putting all judgment apart what remains is the need for positive action and for prayer and remembrance of the Friend's Most Beautiful Names! At the end of the day He is the Master of the Universe and has the final say!

Ya Haqq! Wa ishq bashad! And no matter what a happy Mushkil Gusha night!
Rahal Eks