Friday, January 16, 2015

The Qur'an does not forbid images of the Prophet - PBUH

A Persian miniature of the Prophet Muhammad - PBUH and the Angel Jibril (Gabriel)

Feel free to delight in the wonderful newsweek article by Christiane Gruber - a scholar specializing in Islamic paintings of the Prophet - with a link below. I am very happy reading these reaffirming historical facts, even though I already knew them before due to the lucky circumstances of having received a liberal education and a multicultural Sufi training. Plus being a critical soul at heart and an artist who at times indulges with great pleasure in figurative painting, as well as not having been influenced by negative indoctrination and conditioning of certain doubtful sources of reasoning or rather the lack of common sense.

As much as articles of this type make me happy, I also feel saddened by the very unfortunate trend trying to deny certain historical facts and pretending that Islamic art has always been entirely abstract and non-figurative - this is wrong. Just check the article below and you get more than just a hint of the beautiful figurative facts!

Ishq bashad, saludos Rahal