Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rumi Urs mubarak

photo by Rahal Eks - Moorish tiles in white & indigo

"What must be done O Muslims!
For I don't know myself;
I'm neither Christian, nor Zoroastrian,
Neither a Muslim, nor a Jew..."

Today on Dec. 17 is the beginning of Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi's Urs, his Wedding with the Beloved - or passing on. And it is celebrated globally by Sufis and Sufi seekers in diverse ways, including the practice of sama', whirling. You don't have to be a Mevlevi Dervish to celebrate Maulana Rumi's Urs or to do sama'. Members of other Tariqas or none can do that too. 

Rumi had an impact on the entire Sufi Tradition - and including beyond it - as a great Sufi Master, poet, writer and mystic lover who touched the hearts and minds of people worldwide and across religious, ethnic and nationalistic boundaries. Rumi was claimed by many - rightly or wrongly - and he might be many things, but he was not Iranian, nor Turkish, even if nowadays both nations claim him as one of them. He would most likely be horrified and put his foot down, saying "no" to those flag-wavers. In reality Rumi was a native of Balkh and thus an Afghan. 

The political circumstances of his times brought him on a pilgrimage trip to Mecca and then to Damascus where young Rumi met with Ibn 'Arabi, whose wanderings - also partly caused by external turmoil - came to a stop in Syria's capital where his tomb is located. Afterwards Rumi's family moved on and finally resettled in Konya.

During our contemporary political and religiously quite often doubtful and retrograde period which is so full of global problems on multiple fronts, we are facing similar if not more challenging circumstances and problems than Rumi and Ibn 'Arabi did in their times. However, their message and the message per se of the Sufi Tradition is timeless and today absolutely vital and important - especially when we are confronted with barbaric acts of criminal terrorism with innocent people, including children, as the victims. We are indeed facing intense times, no matter where you look. Therefore it is of utmost importance to remember the tools of the Sufi Tradition and apply them. It also indicates that we ought to be free of causing more negativity and more problems and troubles. Therefore it is time to insist with firmness to practice loving kindness when communicating with people, friends, collaborators, family members or partners. Apply Sufism to daily life and don't just end up as a Thursday eve wanna-be Sufi - a Sufi is something to become and that is a holistic deal, all-inclusive of one's life's total aspects - and that is something else to be remembered. 

Rumi broke the expected conventions when he hung out with Shams. He also broke the expected norms when he whirled ecstatically in the street of the bazaar to the rhythm of the goldsmith's hammering. Rational types would have a fit with this, while the lovers rejoice with an expended heart. 

Will you share some dates tomorrow, on Thursday, and at night remember the story of Mushkil Gusha, the Problem Dissolver, in order to assist Mushkil Gusha's work? Please do and spread some Rumi poem or just some kindness to a stranger and a friend. And also please remember the importance of the Arabic letter waw.

Ya Wali! Ya Wadud! Ya Wahid! 

"...I have cast duality aside,
I see the two worlds as one;
One I seek, one I know,
One I see, one I call; one."

Happy Hanukkah to all Jewish friends. Merry upcoming Christmas to all Christian friends. And to all: "A happy, prosperous, healthy, wonderful, blessed New Year!"

I'm saying that already now because for an indefinite time I will be basically in retreat mode and not so active on the internet... God-willing, I shall re-emerge!?

Ya Haqq! Ishq bashad, saludos Rahal