Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015!

Photo by Rahal Eks - the sea



January 1, 2015 happens to be a Thursday – the day to remember the story of Mushkil Gusha, the Problem Dissolver – usually told or read during Thursday Sufi evenings world-wide and in multiple tongues. I thought it is a good omen to start the first day of the New Year with some Sufi activity of remembrance, story-telling, meditation and listening to music.

If we look at numerology 2015 gives us a bunch of esoteric information: the 2 of the current millennium indicates balance and harmony, something the entire planet and all its inhabitants really need in order to evolve peacefully.

The 0 is the ideal empty number in the center of the enneagram, representing the perfected human being, Al-Insan Al-Kamil - Allah's Khalifa or symbolic deputy on earth.

The 1 stands for the Alif, the first letter of the alphabet, and a symbol of the Divine. It also stands for self expression and creativity.

And the 5 represents fast moving Mercury, a symbol of communication per se and also between the higher and the lower levels of existence.

Together we get 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8, turned to the side it becomes the symbol of endlessness or eternity. The 8 also represents in musical terms the octave and the path going forever slightly uphill, hinting at evolution and progress in multiple ways.

Of course the world is older than 2015 years and we got many calendars and time calculations, all valuable and useful in diverse cultural, religious and spiritual contexts.

No matter which calendar you use, the question remains how do you deal with time? Are you maximizing time and living according to your fullest potential and your life's purpose?

Are your wasting your precious times with things misleading you from your goal? Are you caught up in the past, still tripping on your terrible or glorious childhood and using it as an excuse for today's shortcomings?

Or are you dreaming about a perfect rosy future, far away, somewhere over the rainbow like a lovely film projection, while in reality you are missing out the wonders of the present, the moment of now?

Are you pretending to be a rational type, not effected by anything but hardcore facts and statistics? Or are you the mystic friend, longing for the Beloved with each breath?

There are also other types, like those who just indulge in the joys of the nafs, the commanding self, or those who wallow in sentimentalities and believe they are experiencing the most noble emotions and feelings.

The perfected human being represents a more refined and holistic, all-inclusive palette, not just a mono-cultural channel with one base program.

The magic keywords are diversity, balance, harmony and a very clear intention. The latter is actually half the rent and rather vital!

Now many people start the New Year with a firm and brave resolution: either to turn vegetarian, stop smoking, to eat less and get more exercise, change job, religion, lover or all of it, practice more loving kindness, function from a loving heart space, increase real knowledge, live and behave more truthful and in sink with the inner being, or whatever it may be.

Sometimes these new passions are short-lived straw fires and soon forgotten while the former enthusiast soon relapses into old nafs habits and the well established patterns of conditioning from the fossilized past. While the person on the Path of the Friend, also called the friends of Baraka, try to keep things moving, growing and alive like a well watered garden. This implies getting rid of the weed, trimming some dead branches, and making sure each flower, tree and plant also gets enough love and light. It's an on-going process and truly a mega-project and in order to do a satisfactory job we need to know who we are and what to do at the right time, at the right place and with the right people, engaged in the right activity. And hopefully blessed by the Friend!

May you enjoy a prosperous, happy, healthy, creative, productive New Year, filled with useful knowledge, light, love and laughter! And please don't feed the fears!

Ya Haqq! Ishq bashad wa Baraka bashad! Saludos, Rahal Eks