Tuesday, May 20, 2014

THE ALIF by Rahal Eks

The Alif 

White on black background:
The Alif illuminates the inner vision,
reminding relative being of the uniqueness
of the first letter's absolute existence.

From the Alif we came,
like the rest of the letters of the alphabet -
to the Alif we shall return,
after completing the cyclic journey
through the world of duality -
from the One towards the One,
although there is really nothing but the One - 
yet the many are manifestations of the Unique...
Unity within diversity - a reality rarely perceived
by the veiled illusionary self
focusing on the temporary delights
of the outer world.

Equally veiled and asleep is he or she
who exclusively gets hypnotized
by the endlessly changing stream of inner visions.

When the inner and the outer vision merge
and only the Alif remains
have we woken up to
"There is no reality but the reality" -

'Ishq bashad wa Baraka bashad, saludos Rahal