Wednesday, April 16, 2014

india recognizes third gender...

in a landmark ruling, the indian supreme court has recognized transgender persons as ‘third sex,’ which many in the community have welcomed.  the court recognized the ruling to be one of human rights, rather than social or medical ruling. 

further, the court ordered the government to treat the transgender community as any minority community, and to offer quotas in the job and education sectors, something other minorities such as various caste groups who has had longterm discrimination in the mainstream culture. 

the law suit was brought by the national legal services authority or nalsa, which has been set up through a 1987 act. the lawyer, anita shenoy, expressed welcoming words on behalf of the plaintiffs. laxmi narayan tripath, a well known figure in the transgender community and a member in the lawsuit, also welcomed the decision, saying she felt a proud indian. 

last december, the indian supreme court struck down a law that decriminalized non-heteronormative sexuality in 2009. this is a rather interesting development, because that law also would apply to some transgender persons, as the law has a broad effects on various communities. 

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