Tuesday, April 29, 2014

a pakistani gay activist writes an open letter to serial killer...

in pakistan, a 28 year old man named muhammad ejaz had used the internet to lure unsuspecting gay men for sex and would kill them. he had confessed to killing three men, in order to clean “dirty acts” of homosexuality from society.  in one show, he called gay men “garbage”. 

ejaz, a paramedic who lived in lahore, lured the men on a website called “manjam,” a popular website for men to meet other men for dating. he was arrested after a police investigation connected the murdered men to the website, and later confessed to the killings. 

you can learn more about this story here: http://nyti.ms/1fLK6Py

in the meantime, a gay activist in lahore named hadi hussain had taken up to the internet to write him an open letter. in the letter, hussain may have addressed on particular man but it reads more like he’s addressing his society. you can read the letter here: http://bit.ly/S4ItYi