Thursday, June 02, 2011

'gay free zone'

imagine being in a bus or at a train station or any other public space in a global city in europe and seeing words like 'gay free zone'. that is exactly what some queer londonders were faced with when a muslim kid decided to be hateful. it's good to have the law on your side, but it's pretty sad that in 2011 a youth in any country can be so ignorant. you would think with all the internet access and human connection that these types of behavior is dying out. but bullying, whether its confronted with kids or the general public, is still a growing problem.

here is the story:

Man fined for east London 'gay free zone' stickers

A man has been fined after pleading guilty to putting up homophobic stickers in east London.

Mohammed Hasnath, 18, of Leamouth, Tower Hamlets, was fined £100 for the public order offence relating to using threatening words and behaviour.

Four stickers with the message "gay free zone" appeared at Bow Church DLR station, Whitechapel and on a bus, between 11 and 14 February.

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