Thursday, March 10, 2011

Revolution/Evolution by Rahal Eks

From Tunisia to Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, and Saudi Arabia... The Arab uprising is taking momentum with a loud call for freedom that can be heard from the Atlantic coast to the Persian Gulf and beyond. Will it also take off in Iran, in China? Nice it would be because our "Zeitgeist" is indicating change and a clear goodbye to all fossilized dictatorships, regardless if the old fossil is a military man, a self-glorious president, or a retrograde kingdom that came to doubtful power via the marriage with Wahhabism & British fitna during colonial times. Revolution is in the air and spreading, almost snowball-like and in all directions. "

"Marhaba al-huriyah, welcome oh freedom!" And hopefully this revolution also means a welcome to a badly needed evolution!?

With this I mean the required positive changes of attitude towards women, LGBT people, and minorities, as well as developing democratic practices to be refined in true liberty. Not to forget spiritual progress and the creation of job opportunities. My romantic side begins to trip on the possibility of an Arab Renaissance - while my pragmatic side knows that it will be a rocky road to overcome the old systems with their corruption and negativity. For real change to be permanently manifested time and patience are required, combined with perseverance and keeping the revolutionary spirit alive. Unfortunately there have been violent clashes between the old resisting systems and the newly emerging people's power.

"Ya Fattah! Power to the people now!"

As things look more blood might flow in Libya and elsewhere. What to do with Gaddafi who is crazy like a mountain goat in spring? We always knew he is nuts, even though these days he is really going over the top ("All my people love me!")... Is he really that deluded? Talking of delusion, it is tragic that the Saudi government believes it could successfully ban and forbid any street protests.

"Ya Haqq! Wake up to reality!"

I can imagine some people's kaftans are already shaking in fearful future anticipation. And where would Ben Ali go when there is a revolution in Fossilistan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

The official statements by the USA and the European Union have so far been mostly vague blah blah. Of course the West contributed to keep the old fossil dictatorships in power, it served Western interests. Now it is time to applaud and support the uprisings - and above all offer humanitarian aid, especially to those trying to escape trouble and danger zones. The EU cannot close the borders and look the other way.

In many ways we are living in exciting times. Times that require a conscious effort on a global scale for diversity coexistence and mutual evolution. In times like these one should not invoke wrong concepts and ideas of a superior Western "Leit-Kultur" versus an inferior Oriental sub-culture - such thinking reveals plain Islamophobia and not getting the point of the Zeitgeist.

"Al-Huriyah! And we shall overcome!"

ma as-salama wa ishq bashad,
Rahal Eks