Friday, November 06, 2009

when your cab driver is homophobic...


a few days ago, it was reported by the new york post that a muslim cab driver named mehdat mohamed kicked out a gay couple (paul bruno and erick ruales) out of his cab after they hugged and kissed as they got in the cab. as they should, ruales and bruno reported the cab driver to the proper officials.

yesterday, they also got a hold of the cab driver who now argues the couple were about to "do it" and that would distract him.


maybe he wasn't be so interested? really, why would gay guys having sex "distract" him? he should have concentrated on his driving instead of worrying about what consenting adults are doing in the back seat.

but the truth of the matter is that this is nothing but a homophobic incident. ruales and bruno are a couple. we all know they could have waited to "do it" in their home minutes later. why would they do that in a cab? it doesn't sound believable.