Thursday, August 06, 2009

hijab: unveiling queer muslim lives

salam, friends,

here is info about a new book being published out of south africa:

Dear Colleagues, friends & Others

Book Launch: Hijab: Unveiling Queer Muslim Lives

The Inner Circle is launching its book on the 14 August 2009 at 18H30 for 19H00 at the Centre for the Book, in Queen Victoria Road, Cape Town. This is a social history project that presents a voice that has been silent for too long; it addresses issues of Islam and sexual (and gender) diversity, more specifically queer Muslims. This has been a sweat equity project, whereby with limited funding, we have brought it to fruition.

Please RSVP to 021 761 0037 OR reception@theinnerc za in order for us to arrange catering.

Hoping to see you at the launch!!!

Please forward to your contacts!!!

Hijab: Unveiling Queer Muslim Lives is a groundbreaking anthology of queer Muslim stories. This aptly titled book represents a set of voices from various backgrounds and generations whose stories are true. It explores and addresses, through these personal accounts, the fear and isolation of being queer and Muslim as well as the triumphs despite a largely homophobic society. In almost all of these pieces one sees the difficulties queer Muslims journey through in order to reconcile their sexuality with their spirituality.

Any compassionate human being would be deeply moved by the way that truth and individuality is embraced in every single story. It is thought provoking and often heartbreaking. It touches you and its words will get under your skin. Hijab speaks to and should be required reading for every parent, teacher, religious leader & politician as it shows all of us how important it is that we be more attentive, tolerant & accepting to aspects of difference in religion, race, ethnicity and sexuality.

I highly recommend this selection of heart-rending stories to anyone with a personal interest – or quite simply, to anyone who cares.

Mariam Ismail-Baderoon (Educationist)