Friday, December 01, 2006

the children are waiting...

salam, friends,

today is "world aids day." in just this past week, from the world health organization study we found out that aids will be the third cause of death worldwide in 25 years. a young disease that will surpass centuries old ills.

in 2005, more than half a million children was claimed by aids. imagine that. a third of these deaths took place sub-saharan africa.

we can all help prolong the lives of hiv/aids-infected children. how? there is a great organization called "keep a child alive." this organization is amazing because 100% of your tax-deductible donations go straight to help children.

you don't have to pay much, although much is great, but even a commitment to a dollar a day can help a child live longer, healthier with this horrible disease.

i urge each and everyone of you to make a conscious effort to help.

- visit: keep a child alive