Tuesday, September 12, 2006

things i'm grateful for:

living is beautiful: i'm truly grateful to be alive, first and foremost. living is beautiful because you have the chance to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes, and to always have that opportunity to improve on your path in life.

i often wondered as a child... what is the point of being alive? today, that question is still there. i have a lot more answers than when i was five or six, but the same feelings are there. there is so much pain in the world. and we should all be aware of this, for surely that is the only way that can be changed. there is also a lot of love and beautiful things in the world. and this is something we often abandon to look at.

do you ever notice your local news? there is often more bad news than good. why is that? why do we concentrate only on the bad stuff? every time we hear a story of heartache, we should also hear a story of joy. there are many stories on everything. i look for the good news. :)