Thursday, August 10, 2006

ode to lata:

the book by queer muslim author ghalib shiraz dhalla,"ode to lata", will be tured into a film. read more:

Bharat Shah plans a Hollywood film


Friday, July 28, 2006 20:28 IST

The film titled 'Ode' has a gay theme.

Bollywood financer Bharat Shah is planning to make aHollywood film. The movie titled 'Ode' will havehomosexuality as its theme. It will not be released inIndia, homosexuality still being considered taboohere.

"It's my first Hollywood venture. We are not makingthis film for India even though it will have Indianactors," says Shah. The film, based on Kenyan writerGhalib Shiraz Dhalla's novel 'Ode to Lata' will bedirected by Los Angeles-based Nilanjan Neil Lahiri.The film will be produced by Mumbai-based G K Desai,who has set up an office in Los Angeles for theproject.

Shooting for 'Ode' will begin later this year in LosAngeles and Mombasa, Kenya.

'Ode' synopsis

Ali, an Indian, flees Africa in search of a new lifein Los Angeles. He leaves behind an overprotectivemother while trying to escape the memories of hisfather's murder at the hands of his mistress.

Ali is a banker by day but frequents gay WestHollywood at night. His mother visits him and tries tomove him back to Kenya and marry an Indian woman. Heresists and pursues a string of failed relationships.His mother eventually accepts his sexuality as he toounderstands his parents' troubled relationship.